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PVC made proximity cards are used for door accessing and other type of accessing purpose. These 0.8 mm thick low frequency cards have embedded metallic antenna based coil for storing specific data of card holders. An electronic  reader is used to detect the presence of these cards when these are used within detection range of that reader. These non contact based smart cards are identified with the generation of a beep sound produced by electronic reader by maximum 50 cm range. Double sided proximity cards are rectangular in appearance and these remain activated when placed or inserted by maintaining maximum 5 cm distance from the user.
Product Image (LA MARVELLA F)


Price: 18 INR/Piece

These are Access cards with both proximity and magnetic strips Both side printed using digital screen foiling or offset technologies

Product Image (PC8765)


Price: 10 INR/Piece

Proximity cards, also known as prox cards, are low frequency 125 kHz credentials that feature an embedded metallic antenna coil that stores cardholder data. Data stored on a proximity card, key fob or tag can be detected by a reader when the proximity card is passed within range.

Product Image (Proximity 225)


Price: 12 INR/Piece

The proximity cards are part of the contactless card technologies. Held near an electronic reader for a moment they enable the identification of an encoded number. The reader usually produces a beep or other sound to indicate the card has been read.