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PVC Chip Cards

We deal in a large assortment of specifically made Chip Cards. They contain a microchip and also traditional magnetic stripe that are perfectly embedded. The chips help in securing the important data when the cards are used for making transactions. These cards are the most convenient way of making a quick transaction. The Chip Cards are used widely in the market by every user. They are unique in design and have sleek design that make them easy to carry and use.

Plastic Chip Cards

Chip Cards or Contact smart cards

Contact smart cards have a contact area of  approximately 1 square centimeter 0.16 sq  in comprising several gold plated contact pads These pads provide electrical connectivity when inserted into which is used as a communications medium between the smart card  and a host or a  mobile  telephone Cards  do not contain batteries power is supplied by the card reader

The ISO/IEC 7810 and ISO/IEC 7816 series of standards define:

  • electrical connector positions and shapes
  • electrical characteristics
  • communications protocols including commands sent to and responses from the card
  • Because the chips in financial cards are the same as those used in subscriber identity modules SIMs in mobile phones
  • Programmed differently and embedded in a  different piece of PVC chip manufacturers are building to the more demanding GSM or 3G standards

Technical Specification 

  • Card Dimensions  : 85x54mm
  • Printing Type  : Digital Printing
  • Shape  : Rectangular
  • Material  : PVC
  • Surface Finish  : Glossy
  • Use  : Event Office or College For Government projects Exhibition
  • Type  : Double Sided
  • Card Type  : Chip Card



Technical Specification 


  • Any  colour  : Any design
  • Card Size  : 85x54 mm
  • Holder Material  : PVC
  • Card Holder Type  : Lanyard  Plastic   Lamination Case
  • Card Capacity  : Any qty
  • Printing Type  : Silk  Printing Offset Printing  Digital Printing
  • Shape  : Rectangular
  • Material  : PVC Plastic
  • Thickness  : 0.8 mm
  • Surface Finish  : Matt Embossed Glossy
  • Use  : Event Exhibition Office College
  • Type  : Double Sided
  • Card Type  : Barcode Card Proximity Card Chip Card Magnetic  Strip Card